Isn’t Life Crazy??!

Do you ever sit back and think about just how crazy life can be? There are so many aspects to life and because we are crazy humans, I think it is even worse. 🤪

I have recently been driving more than normal and visiting somewhere new. And boy have I seen some crazy things and people.

I do not know if I am getting old or just losing touch with the craziness but this world just seems to be going bonkers. In the words of my man Jimmy Buffett “We need more fruitcakes in this world and less bakers.” But I don’t want the crazy fruitcakes. 😂

The other day I was almost run off the highway by a car doing over 100 mph in a 55 mph. Yesterday, a woman beside me was driving with her left knee and texting in front of the steering wheel going 70 mph.

Needless to say, I needed some good things to happen to me.

Recently, I watched a Medi-Vac helicopter land and take off. Overheard the song of a few babies born. Encountered employees that feel no job is beneath them because patients are number 1. I was surrounded by words of love and encouragement. It is funny how life can change from minute to minute.

I am just glad for these refreshing things. The news poisons our minds with negativity and who needs more of that, not this chick!!!

I urge all of you to look for the non-craziness. The calm and happy things where you can find them. And share them around please!!! We humans need to be happier, kinder and more accepting of each other.

Until next time, you are NOT alone!! –Jenn

Welcome July in all your Splendor!

Happy July 1st!

Happy birthday Nanny Grammy, love and miss you!  I cannot think of a better way to bring in July than with a beautiful human’s birthday!!

What comes to mind when you think of July?

For me it is birthdays!!!  My Great Grandmom, Grandmom, Mom and myself were all born in July! Not to mention another 10-15 people in my life.  So October was a busy month! 😉

Family beach vacations, sun, heat, July 4th, swimming, cook-outs all come to mind.  July always makes me happy!

The one thing that I do not find as exciting as everyone else is my birthday.  I have not always felt this way, but it has been a vicious cycle for many years.  I know I am worthy of celebration but what happens when you just do not want to be celebrated or see the reason to celebrate?  I am so guilty of this, especially this year because I am hitting a giant Sand Dune! 40!!!

Have you stopped appreciating yourself?  Have a hard time taking compliments?  Can you not see the things other see?

This is me, yes to all three of the above.  I have stopped appreciating myself and therefore think others should fall suit.  Jenn, why would you do that?  Sometimes it is just easier to believe the negative than to look for the positive because your mind has thought that way for so long.  There is not always an answer I can provide, people may just feel this way.

However, this year I am going to try to embrace my birthday and every day in a more positive and welcoming light.  I have tried my way and failed for far too long, don’t you think I should try something new?  How about you?

Do any of you not feel worthy?  It does not have to be about your birthday it can be any aspect of life.  Know that you are worthy of everything and more!!  The voices in your head were put there by you and others.  You were not born with these things.  Therefore, you can change those voices to like you instead.

The P!nk song “F***ing Perfect” says all of this beautifully!  This song is so inspiring and is my song for you, today and every day!  You are Perfect!  *Explicit lyrics, sorry 😦

“You’re so mean, when you talk, about yourself you were wrong.  Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead!”    

Could it be said any better?

Know that you are enough.  You deserve to be celebrated!  Be kind to yourself and allow compliments and celebrations.  We owe it to ourselves to be kind, forgive and remember we are humans at the end of the day!


Until next time, you are not alone! –Jenn





Sandpiles and Dunes: One Week In

Happy One Week Anniversary!!


Sandpiles are merely a pile of sand.

Dunes are hills/ridges of sand piled by the wind usually large in size.

Being a lover of the beach, I thought it would be fun to use beach terms.

The sand piles in life are the everyday things, small goals, work week the “small things” as we call them.  The dunes are the milestones, hurdles in life; moving to another state, marriage, 21st bday, these are usually your most easily remembered memories.

We all have sandpiles and dunes in our lives.  I am delighted to reach my one week anniversary with my blog.  It may be a sandpile in your mind. However, I see this as one of my dunes.  It is a very new hobby, a form of therapy, a leap of faith and a way to let others know they are not alone.

As a fellow human, you understand how differently we view things.  When put into the same situation people have been known to recall different things happening.  The brain cannot always process what it is your seeing, and your recall may not be the real story. Add opinions, moods, and life, and it is easy to see how perceptions can be skewed.

At therapy on Monday, my Therapist said: “Perception is Reality!”

WOW!  That is huge and so true.  How you perceive your surroundings is your truth/reality/what is in your head.  Sometimes perception is not always the truth of the Universe, another person or even what you “truly” believe to be true.

Has a friend or family member ever given you a reality check on this subject?

I have many people that have talked to me about this subject lately.  When you get checked by a friend try to take a look at yourself.  Take a small step back to see if your perception is being swayed by your mood, others, social media, work or family.  If that is not where the problem lies, ask your friend to help you see things in a different light.  We are allowed to see things differently.  We are allowed to argue but must be respectful and open-eared.

One thing we need never do…discount someone’s problems.  Please, please do not do this it can be unknowingly devastating.  Words, opinions, and perceptions can indeed make or break a person.  It is not your place to discount someone’s sandpiles and dunes.

Only you can define your life experiences.  If you do not agree with someone’s decisions, that is okay.  But try to be open and encouraging and never force your views onto others. Sometimes listening to another’s story and empathizing can make you open up and experience new and wonderful things.

The vital thing to remember is that we are all different, but we are still human.  We do not need to see each others’ perceptions as our own, but we do need to try to be kind, open minded and never dismissive of other’s life journeys.  You never know if life will throw a curveball and change your way of perceiving and defining sandpiles and dunes.

Until next time, you are not alone — Jenn

Finding Hope and a Smile On a Bad Day


What happens when you lose hope and inspiration seems so far away?

It is so easy to get lost in negativity, pain, sadness, and darkness.  This world can be such a cruel, harsh place.  But…it is so utterly gorgeous and to think it was made for all of us to enjoy and share.   So awesome!

Many humans know that feeling of hopelessness and needing inspiration.  You know the one: nothing is good enough, the sky is not blue, my pain is worse than anyone’s ever, why would my God allow terrible things to happen.  Sound familiar?  Anything can get you into the blues, it does not take much, and there are days it is hard to see the beauty, hope, positivity, and inspiration this world has to offer.

This is when you need to look for the smallest hidden gems. Whatever those may be to you.  For me, I try to watch the birds, listen to the ocean, play with my cats, or sit out on the porch and listen to nature.  Sometimes those things are just not enough. Here is a collage of pictures I’ve taken for inspiration for you!!


inspiration photos
***All photos here and above except pepper taken by Jenn Freese


When you find yourself stuck in the lonely darkness, try stepping back and looking at your situation as though you were an outsider.  Or you can even reach out to a good friend and have them help get you out of that funk.  When all else fails, look for something small.  Baby steps, although short in distance, still arrive at the destination!!!

Remember: even the happiest, most successful people have bad days!  Some of your days will be crappy, and some will be wonderful but try not to let what is going on dictate your day and mood.  You can change your mind, you ALLOW others to affect you.  Look to the good and positive as much as possible because what you look for and put out to the universe you will receive two-fold.

If you cannot find hope and inspiration from others or within, be the inspiration.  Make a positive difference in someone’s day, it will make you feel better.  Say a kind word, hold a door, start a blog, let someone know they are not alone.  Sometimes we need to be the leaders even though it’s scary.  As humans, we need to practice inspiration, kindness, love, and acceptance every day.

Because only by practice can we even strive to be better but never perfect.

Kindness is a muscle. The more we use it, the more it grows!” –David J. Flood

Until next time–J