Thursday’s Thoughts…

Happy Thursday!

Today, when I woke up and saw the news I was so sad.  This crazy world we live in just keeps getting crazier.   

I have no ideas, no opinions and no information to offer in light of new current events.  I am just trying to offer some hope, positivity, and something different.

Normally on Thursday’s, I do random thoughts most of the funny nature but today I am going to be a little more serious.  I have been very quiet lately because my life has been so chaotic and honestly, no one would read what my chaotic mind writes. 🙂

Today’s Thoughts…

  • Be Kind.  You do not know what is going on with others and you could be the thing that pushes them over their limit.
  • Be Open.  Allow yourself to see/hear another’s viewpoint or opinion whether you believe it or not.  Sometimes it only takes one person to put things in a different way and you will change.
  • Change!  Do not allow yourself to be stagnant.  Do something, anything other than following that circular path over and over again.
  • Choose your words wisely!  I.E. You cannot TRY, you can only do or do not!!
  • Have Fun!  We were all put here to help each other and to navigate the craziness of Earth.  Have some fun because it is not all terrible.  You need to stop and smell the roses from time to time!!!


Remember, you are NOT alone!! Until next time — Jenn 🙂

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Fun Fact Friday

You have made it to Friday ya’ll, good for you!  Here comes the weekend. 

Not everyone loves coffee.  I do not know why but I will forgive you.  Here are some facts about my favorite liquid in the world.

Coffee, Java, Brew, Liquid Energy, Joe Facts

  1. Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth.  The number one commodity…Oil.

  2. You can overdose on coffee.  However, you would need to drink over 100 cups to consume the lethal dose of caffeine.

  3. The average worker spends $20 a week on coffee.
  4. Decaf does not mean caffeine-free.  An eight ounce brewed cup of decaf coffee actually has two-to-12 milligrams of caffeine. In comparison, a regular cup of coffee has anywhere from 95 to 200 milligrams. (Twelve ounces of coke only has 23-35 milligrams of caffeine.)

  5. A single coffee tree produces just 5 pounds of beans.
  6. Dark roast coffees have less caffeine than lighter roasts.  Even though the flavor is often stronger, roasting actually burns off some of the caffeine.
  7. Coffee stays warmer when you add cream.  Coffee with added cream cools about 20% slower than plain black coffee.

  8. Beethoven counted the number of coffee beans he used to make his coffee and insisted on 60 beans per cup.
  9. In Turkey, the bridegroom was once required to make a vow during the wedding to always make sure to provide their wives with coffee. If they did not do so it was considered grounds for divorce.
  10. New Yorkers drink almost seven times as much coffee as the rest of the U.S.     However, Finland is the most caffeinated country, where the average adult consumes the equivalent of four or five cups of coffee a day.
  11. Coffee is the second most famous beverage in the world after water.
  12. Brazil is the leading coffee producing country in the world contributing almost 40% of the coffee production in the world.

  13. There are two types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta.  70% of coffee beans are Arabica. Robusta is slightly more bitter and has twice as much caffeine.

  14. Prior to Coffee, Beer was the beverage for breakfast in the USA.   

  15. George Washington invented the machine for the preparation of instant coffee. 

  16. The first selling license of Coffee was given in 1670.
  17. Coffee beans are not beans, they are berries.  They are coffee cherries or coffee berries.


Have a wonderful weekend!  Remember, you are NOT alone.               Until next time.  –Jenn



You Are My Sunshine!

Hello and Happy Thursday!

So yesterday my other half, my sunshine had major neck surgery.  Today, I am thankful that things have gone well and I am dedicating my page to her.

Do you have a person, lobster, other-half, spouse, etc…?  If they are your heart, then you know where I have been for the last few days.  Worry, worry, worry, cannot take away the pain…But I can be there.  I have been both the patient and the caretaker, and I think it is easier to be the patient, at least mentally!

My other half is Jackie.  She is pretty awesome. IMG_E1739_2 We have been together for 15 years and married for almost two.  We do not talk much about ourselves because our lifestyle can make people uncomfortable.  However, in our opinions, love is love.  It does not have a color, gender or name.  It is just love. 

Today is about love.  However, you may see it.  Embrace it, hold on to it tight and always remember what it feels like to both be loved and to love!!  

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I received a handmade craft with this quote on it from Jackie a few Christmas’ ago .  I think this is the best gift I have ever received and is her truth.  I hope you enjoy it!!

Until next time, you are NOT alone!!  –Jenn

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You Can Only Do Better!


A friend of mine sent me this quote today.  My oh my, how I love Maya!  I had never heard of this one before, and I love it.

Life can creep up on us quickly!  Smooth waters can turn into raging tides in the blink of an eye.  Nature gave us an example of this yesterday in Branson, MO when a seemingly uneventful Duck boat ride on a placid lake, turned into a death show.  God bless all of you!  Sometimes things happen so fast we cannot even catch our breaths.

When things feel out of control we need to breathe, focus and realize what we need to do first.  I usually stress-out, hyperventilate, eat, scream and say the first thought in my head.  Unlike the Life cereal slogan, Do NOT be like Mike, or in this case Jenn. 

Why do we go to anger or not dealing with things?  People go into different modes when confronted with life and all of us are so different Why do we let words fly when we should reason through our thoughts and then speak?  I go to anger because it is safe.  It is familiar.  It protects me in a warped sort of way; even though it truly does not.  Anger for me is a constant something in the forefront; however, it is seldom addressed, and that is why for me it is the first thing to fly!

If you pretend not to be something, you can still become that thing.  Does that make sense?  Okay for me, I have anger because I have a leg, back injury and undiagnosed pain that has limited my life experiences for 6 years.  Instead of dealing with these changes and adjusting my lifestyle,  I have let it (my injury) define me.  So, I understand why my knee-jerk reaction is anger.  I am not justifying it, only stating it. 

Do you have a go-to emotion?  One that jumps out at you or others?  Do you have a knee-jerk reaction instead of letting things settle first?  I just started learning about the Languages of Love in therapy.  I do not know much about the languages, but I do know that I do not always react with anger.  I react with love, compassion, gift giving, physical love, etc…  I feel that most of us love on so many levels and that love also includes our self-love.  🙂

I have not yet begun to read my book, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, yet but I cannot wait to learn new ways to help love last and succeed.  Love is love and should be worked on in all of our meaningful relationships.  I cannot wait to read about the secret to love, how to communicate and how to help love last.  Because who of us cannot use a good love story??!!  🙂  Oh, that is not what this is, dammit!!

Until next time.  You are NOT alone!  –Jenn

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