Sometimes Sunday is all you need.

In the past, I would always dismiss the day of Sunday.  To me, it was little more than the day before the work week or the day to do household chores.  Shame on me!  Sunday is a great day!  It starts with S, like the word super, smile, and seashore!  And it ends in a Y, like all the other days including the fabulous Friday.  

Why do so many of us abuse our poor Sunday this way?  Every day, regardless of the day of the week, should be wonderful!  Or at least as wonderful as Karma will allow.  😉  

Sunday’s should be for sleeping in late, making breakfast with your family and finding an adventure somewhere in nature.  Or going to church with your family and maybe a lunch, meeting up with family members for a weekly dinner.  Grabbing some friends for an unplanned road trip.  Sunday = Funday for a reason!!  🙂 

Sundays are so much more than the day before the workweek.  They are a day of holiness.  A day to pause, reflect and chill!!!  But now, they are starting to blend into all the other days.  Years ago, most stores/businesses were not open at all on Sundays.  Can you even imagine?  I can, it was actually awesome.  Do not let your Sunday’s become unspecial.  They are meant to be the Funday, week starters for a reason!!!

Maybe your Sunday’s are for working and all things not fun.  Well, I cannot offer a solution but I can tell you to look at the good the day can bring you and those around you.  Remember this:download-25

Take some time on this Sunday and every day to slow down and see the beauty around you.  Slowing down and getting into nature can do wonders for your stress and health.  Try something new.  Go for a hike.  Take pictures of flowers, sunsets, and birds.  Go find a corn maze and get lost like when you were a kid.  Find a sunflower field.  Go to a baseball game.  Go outside and revel in the beauty this Sunday and every day offers you!!

Remember, you are NOT alone!  Until next time–Jenn



Ahhh…It’s the Weekend!!

Welcome to the Weekend!  Sorry if you have to work.  Remember to make some time for yourself if possible!!

I have always found that weekends are for working on your house, hanging out with friends, getting your kids to and fro and many other “very busy” things.  Even though we should chill, most times we do not!  Here are some songs for the weekend to help you through your crazy business.  


Remember, you are NOT alone!  Until next time–Jenn





Nature’s Beauty Abounds

I have been a little lazy lately with my blog.  I apologize to all of you.  But life has been a whirlwind since last Wednesday.  More than likely, my blog will be this way for a few weeks.  When you are a caregiver for someone who has had surgery blogging, as well as thinking, are out the door.  LOL.  I will do better later when I get to sleep.  🙂

Today, I have no words but some beautiful pictures I have taken in my travels.  I hope they brighten your Thursday!!!

Ocean City, MD


jackies camera 230.JPG
Key West Butterfly Conservatory


Fort Jefferson, FL


keys 2009 058.JPG
Key Largo, FL


keys 2009 294.JPG
Bahia Honda State Park, FL



Assateague Ponies

Ocean City, MD




Las Vegas, NV Parasol Up Bar @ the Wynn




Until next time, you are NOT alone!!  –Jenn





Isn’t Life Crazy??!

Do you ever sit back and think about just how crazy life can be? There are so many aspects to life and because we are crazy humans, I think it is even worse. 🤪

I have recently been driving more than normal and visiting somewhere new. And boy have I seen some crazy things and people.

I do not know if I am getting old or just losing touch with the craziness but this world just seems to be going bonkers. In the words of my man Jimmy Buffett “We need more fruitcakes in this world and less bakers.” But I don’t want the crazy fruitcakes. 😂

The other day I was almost run off the highway by a car doing over 100 mph in a 55 mph. Yesterday, a woman beside me was driving with her left knee and texting in front of the steering wheel going 70 mph.

Needless to say, I needed some good things to happen to me.

Recently, I watched a Medi-Vac helicopter land and take off. Overheard the song of a few babies born. Encountered employees that feel no job is beneath them because patients are number 1. I was surrounded by words of love and encouragement. It is funny how life can change from minute to minute.

I am just glad for these refreshing things. The news poisons our minds with negativity and who needs more of that, not this chick!!!

I urge all of you to look for the non-craziness. The calm and happy things where you can find them. And share them around please!!! We humans need to be happier, kinder and more accepting of each other.

Until next time, you are NOT alone!! –Jenn

You Are My Sunshine!

Hello and Happy Thursday!

So yesterday my other half, my sunshine had major neck surgery.  Today, I am thankful that things have gone well and I am dedicating my page to her.

Do you have a person, lobster, other-half, spouse, etc…?  If they are your heart, then you know where I have been for the last few days.  Worry, worry, worry, cannot take away the pain…But I can be there.  I have been both the patient and the caretaker, and I think it is easier to be the patient, at least mentally!

My other half is Jackie.  She is pretty awesome. IMG_E1739_2 We have been together for 15 years and married for almost two.  We do not talk much about ourselves because our lifestyle can make people uncomfortable.  However, in our opinions, love is love.  It does not have a color, gender or name.  It is just love. 

Today is about love.  However, you may see it.  Embrace it, hold on to it tight and always remember what it feels like to both be loved and to love!!  

images-5     images-4

I received a handmade craft with this quote on it from Jackie a few Christmas’ ago .  I think this is the best gift I have ever received and is her truth.  I hope you enjoy it!!

Until next time, you are NOT alone!!  –Jenn

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Photo by Jenn Freese

Summer Vacation is a Must

We all need to take time off for our and others’ sanity!  I will be taking time away from my blog to de-stress, refresh and get some sun.  I will be back for Merry Monday and Happy New Week on August 6th.

Please take some time out for yourselves this summer!  You deserve it!!!! 🙂 ❤

Until next time, you are NOT alone!  –Jenn



Let’s Have Some Fun!!!

As you can tell from my blog, I try not to focus on the negative and big topics constantly.  I mean, who needs that?  Not me.  Today, I have found some riddles to have some fun.  I love this kind of stuff especially because I often find I cannot figure them out.  Well, not at first.  🙂    Have Fun!!   Answers at the bottom.

  1. There is a dead man in the middle of a field, nothing is around him and there are no footprints of any sort.  There is an unopened package next to him.  How did he die? HINT: As he approached the field he knew he was going to die.
  2. I can be crushed to pieces but only if I am given away first, I can be clogged and attacked but that’s usually my own doing. No matter how many problems I have, you wouldn’t dare let me go. What am I?
  3. You can find me in the Earth, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter but not in Venus and Neptune. What am I?
  4. What did the smelly feet and smelly shoes say to each other before going on a long day of walking?
  5. I am short, I come second among a dozen, and every four years I change in a way that none of the other dozen do. What am I?
  6. I have a home and a big space, I have keys but I have no locks, I have lots of letters but I have no mailbox. What am I?
  7. Every day people all over the world come to see me, but they rarely stay for more than a few minutes. I am considered very dirty by most people yet they still wouldn’t want a home without me.  What am I?

Until next time, you are NOT alone!  –Jenn


beach coast dark clouds dawn


  1.  His parachute didn’t open.
  2. A heart
  3. The letter R
  4. This socks
  5. The month of February
  6. A keyboard
  7. A toilet


Lazy-Day Sunday Blog


I must admit, I have been ignoring my blog content lately.  It is funny how coming up with good ideas for every day can be hard and confusing.

I am returning again to one of my favorites but different episodes.  Kid President.

I am also including a little taste into one of my favorite cartoons “Simon’s Cat.”  I hope you enjoy!


Until next time.  You are NOT alone.  –Jenn



You Can Only Do Better!


A friend of mine sent me this quote today.  My oh my, how I love Maya!  I had never heard of this one before, and I love it.

Life can creep up on us quickly!  Smooth waters can turn into raging tides in the blink of an eye.  Nature gave us an example of this yesterday in Branson, MO when a seemingly uneventful Duck boat ride on a placid lake, turned into a death show.  God bless all of you!  Sometimes things happen so fast we cannot even catch our breaths.

When things feel out of control we need to breathe, focus and realize what we need to do first.  I usually stress-out, hyperventilate, eat, scream and say the first thought in my head.  Unlike the Life cereal slogan, Do NOT be like Mike, or in this case Jenn. 

Why do we go to anger or not dealing with things?  People go into different modes when confronted with life and all of us are so different Why do we let words fly when we should reason through our thoughts and then speak?  I go to anger because it is safe.  It is familiar.  It protects me in a warped sort of way; even though it truly does not.  Anger for me is a constant something in the forefront; however, it is seldom addressed, and that is why for me it is the first thing to fly!

If you pretend not to be something, you can still become that thing.  Does that make sense?  Okay for me, I have anger because I have a leg, back injury and undiagnosed pain that has limited my life experiences for 6 years.  Instead of dealing with these changes and adjusting my lifestyle,  I have let it (my injury) define me.  So, I understand why my knee-jerk reaction is anger.  I am not justifying it, only stating it. 

Do you have a go-to emotion?  One that jumps out at you or others?  Do you have a knee-jerk reaction instead of letting things settle first?  I just started learning about the Languages of Love in therapy.  I do not know much about the languages, but I do know that I do not always react with anger.  I react with love, compassion, gift giving, physical love, etc…  I feel that most of us love on so many levels and that love also includes our self-love.  🙂

I have not yet begun to read my book, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, yet but I cannot wait to learn new ways to help love last and succeed.  Love is love and should be worked on in all of our meaningful relationships.  I cannot wait to read about the secret to love, how to communicate and how to help love last.  Because who of us cannot use a good love story??!!  🙂  Oh, that is not what this is, dammit!!

Until next time.  You are NOT alone!  –Jenn

Photo by Jenn Freese

Drive and Determination For All the Small Things Too!

_Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success._ --Swami Sivananda 1

The drive in the eyes of Philadelphia Phillies Left Fielder, Rhys Hoskins at the Home Run Derby coming in as the very bottom 8 seed was excellent.  That “look” he had in his eyes is one I have seen in my own eyes and the eyes of others.  I think the look was actually terror because he had not had a home run since June 29, 2018. 😉  Love ya Rhys, and great job!!!

Yes, I confess, I watched the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game.  Yes, I am a baseball girl.  Go Phillies!  Not only were both of the games entertaining, but they were also nerve-racking, and I was not even participating. 

I noticed so many things about the two nights:  the youth of the players, how much fun they were having, their physical strength and mostly that “look” in all of their eyes.  Determination, Drive, Conviction, Dedication.  They did not appear to look at the game any differently than any other day.

I do understand that most of these men get paid great money to play a game, but it is the “look” that I am talking about.  It is more than the money and fame because I also see it in the eyes of my bowling friends, my parents, a tee-baller or even a famous singer. That drive, determination, fierceness, it is something that once seen cannot be forgotten.

We, humans, get that look in our eyes but why does it waiver?  Why do our eyes sparkle when we get a reward for a task or a promotion and not when we are doing chores and working?   Should that “look” not be there for every aspect of our lives?  My answer is yes, but how to make that happen, in the words of the main man Yoda, “Have the answers I do not!”


I can offer some suggestions, words, help, and hope but not answers.  One reason I think we forget that fierceness is that we change.  We change physically, emotionally, mentally but we also change because of our experiences as we age.  I know I see things now at 39 much differently than when I was 18.  I have been through things that have made me accept new ideas.  But those ideals should not change my drive, dreams, hopes, giving 100% of myself in everything I do.

Another problem we may encounter is dismissing/devaluing things within our lives.  When others dismiss our feelings, trials, and beliefs or even if we discount our own beliefs, it can change the way we perceive and deal with everything in our lives.  Have you ever had an experience, thought or belief be entirely discounted by another?  Not only does it feel crappy, but it might also change the way you perceive things.  And as I have been hounding since I started my blog, we don’t dismiss/discount, and it is all about how someone perceives things.  🙂

I see all too often we put ourselves wholly into things when we get something tangible out of it.   But why are we not driven when we do the small stuff?  I know they may not be the same, but everything we do should be with 100%.  I fall into this trap all too often, but I am trying to recognize it a DO better.  Remember: there is no trying, do or do not only.

Lastly, we must keep in mind, everything we get to do is a gift.  Breathing, living, having fun.  Every little thing and every day are gifts.  If we put it in this light, maybe we can remember to have that “look” in our eyes for everything we do.   

Watching these hugely talented young men reminded me of perseverance, drive, and inspiration in my own life and seeing that “look” within my own eyes.  It helped me to perceive things in a little different light and hopefully, you can too!

Remember, you are NOT alone!  Until next time.  –Jenn