Thursday’s Thoughts…

Thursday's Thoughts...

Isn’t it funny how when we get older we get wiser and more open-minded?  I do not know what it is but, I do know that turning 40 has made me feel like a genuine Grown-Up.  There is a calm, confidence that has overcome me.  Now, you all probably think I am crazy but…if you have had this happen you just might get what I’m spouting!!   

Why does it take time and experience to tame us?  Could you have used your current wisdom years ago to help you with your life?  Is knowledge imparted to us when we are ready to accept it or at a certain age, as a sort of right?  

I could have used more patience and better stress management years ago.  But we are all human and things come to us in our own time.  It must be that as we experience things we learn to see through different eyes and are able to agree to disagree in a better way.  Now, if you are repeating patterns, making bad decisions, or even wishing away your time they are something altogether different. 

planet earth close up photo

When I sit back and watch how the world works, even in my little corner, it is quite funny!! 🙂  Some Humans learn from their mistakes most keep repeating unhealthy, unworking patterns.  But for those who do learn, why does it take us so damn long??

It should not take us so long to see patterns, fix problems and make things better but it does we are human after all.  We need to take time to work on ourselves.  It is not selfish, it is helpful.  On the note of helpful, we should not wish away our valuable time.  We should not hope it is Friday night instead of Tuesday night.  But we are human and will all do this at some point.  Why though do we wish away time that is oh so precious?  And why is it that time seems more precious as you get older or when someone is ill?  Ponder that!  🙂

I know I have fallen into the trap.  Wishing it was the weekend because I had something fun I wanted to do instead of my “obligations.”  But every minute we have is precious.  So many people would look at your obligations as their weekend of fun!!!  So suck it up buttercup and treat every minute like your favorite day.  Maybe that is Friday Night or Saturday Morning but you can turn a crappy Monday into a wonderful day with just positive thoughts.  

“The trick is to enjoy life.  Do not wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead. –Marjorie Pay Hinckley”

So concludes our first Thursday’s Thoughts.

Remember, you are NOT alone.  Until next time–Jenn

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