Isn’t Life Crazy??!

Do you ever sit back and think about just how crazy life can be? There are so many aspects to life and because we are crazy humans, I think it is even worse. 🤪

I have recently been driving more than normal and visiting somewhere new. And boy have I seen some crazy things and people.

I do not know if I am getting old or just losing touch with the craziness but this world just seems to be going bonkers. In the words of my man Jimmy Buffett “We need more fruitcakes in this world and less bakers.” But I don’t want the crazy fruitcakes. 😂

The other day I was almost run off the highway by a car doing over 100 mph in a 55 mph. Yesterday, a woman beside me was driving with her left knee and texting in front of the steering wheel going 70 mph.

Needless to say, I needed some good things to happen to me.

Recently, I watched a Medi-Vac helicopter land and take off. Overheard the song of a few babies born. Encountered employees that feel no job is beneath them because patients are number 1. I was surrounded by words of love and encouragement. It is funny how life can change from minute to minute.

I am just glad for these refreshing things. The news poisons our minds with negativity and who needs more of that, not this chick!!!

I urge all of you to look for the non-craziness. The calm and happy things where you can find them. And share them around please!!! We humans need to be happier, kinder and more accepting of each other.

Until next time, you are NOT alone!! –Jenn