Empathy, Sympathy and being an Empath

Empathy_ A being aware of and sharing another person's feelings, experiences, and emotions. Merriam-Webster.comSympathy_The actcapacity for sharing the feelings or interests of anothe

Most people in this world can sympathize with others by feeling compassion, sorrow or pity for hardships in life.  Empathizing takes more work and inner reflection. To be empathetic, one must put themselves entirely in another’s shoes.

Okay, now that we’ve cleared that up.  Do you ever find yourself feeling things that might not be yours?  Your day starts off great and later you are in a bad mood, but nothing happened to change it.  You are in a room full of people and start feeling nervous, angry, feelings that are not your own?

You could be absorbing the energies of the world and others around you.   You are not supposed to absorb their problems, you are just supposed to put yourself in their shoes. Over-empathizing much or is it something more?

I do this quite often.  In reading and talking to people around me, I am finding that I am an Empath, not just sympathetic and empathetic person.

Dont' mistake my highly sensitive bad asssparkly cosmic intuitive awesomenessfor some kind of weaknessof low self-esteem issue.I'm an Empath!

Jenn, you are so full of it!  Empath!? No seriously, we are out there.  I am not a magical unicorn or a wizard. 😉   But because of my sensitivity and observation, I quite often feel things that I have realized are not mine to feel!!

Empaths are usually:

  • highly sensitive
  • absorb other people’s emotions
  • introverted (become overwhelmed in crowds)
  • highly intuitive
  • need alone time
  • become overwhelmed in intimate relationships
  • are targets for energy vampires
  • become replenished in nature
  • have highly tuned senses
  • have huge hearts but sometimes give too much

Trying to sort out what feelings are mine and what are others’ is a little messy but it can be done with time and patience.  I all to often feel things that others around hold inside.  Usually, I can sense things those closest to me are feeling, without them even speaking to me.  And with strangers, it will manifest as an “I like them but…” or “There is just something I can’t put my finger on.”

If you feel like this, you may be taking on the energies of everything around you, including the world.  Who wants the weight of the world on their shoulders?  Not I!!!

I do not have a lot of information to offer because I am still in the midst of this journey.  I journal and blog to write out my thoughts and then try to identify what is actually mine.  This does help me to organize the chaos in my head.  Acknowledging that you are an Empath or just overly empathetic is also important so you can find your direction.

Talking to other Empaths is a great way to feel validated.  I can tell you that you are not alone in feeling these things.  There are so many of us sensitive feeling people out there.  In a harsh cold world, it can feel sad, hopeless and just plain shitty but know it is not!!!

Stop, breathe, and know it is okay.   We will work through all of these things together.  If you have any input to add, please message me.  I have included a link about Empath’s and how they unknowingly draw bad mojo and Narcissists to themselves.

Until next time.  You are not alone — J


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