Pet Safety for a great July 4th!

I try to branch out and blog about things I am passionate about in life.  Pets are my number one passion.  All animals are so important!  I have created an infographic about pet safety, fireworks and July 4th for all of you.

Photo by Pixabay on

Happy July 3rd! 

Remember, you are not alone!  Until next time–Jenn


2 thoughts on “Pet Safety for a great July 4th!

  1. Please remind people to be aware of people living around them with PTSD and the problems fireworks have on them. This also a tough time of the year for them as well as pets.


    1. Thanks for the information Debbie and you just made people aware yourself. I agree anyone can be affected by fireworks, especially PTSD patients!! I was just targeting fur babies because I have them and know about them. I do not suffer from or know anything about PTSD to include in my blogs, but I am sure there are tons of sites out there dedicated to the subject.


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