Sometimes, Ya Just Gotta Laugh.

Good Morning and Happy Saturday!  What is going through my demented mind today?!  Oh yeah…

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 8.23.27 PM
Flying Weiners spotted in Philadelphia!

Have you ever heard the adage: There’s no crying in baseball?

Well, my favorite Philadelphia Phillie, the Phanatic, tested this theory the other night.  When I saw the video of a Philadelphia Phillies fan getting hit in the face with a hot dog,  I’m not gonna lie up in here, I laughed so freaking hard I cried.

That’s right, not only did she take a weiner to the face ladies and gentleman, she received a black eye from her glasses, did not catch said Weiner and she made me cry.  So there is crying in baseball!!!  But it’s all good because I’m sure she will get some free seats in the 300 level and an autographed Phillie Phanatic hat. 🙂

Because at the end of the day, shit happens, and sometimes ya just gotta laugh.  That’s another human trait shared across the board humiliation and humor at others’ expense.  Sorry Kathy McVay but thank you so much for that well-needed and perfectly timed laugh.  I will return the favor when I fall down later this week in a crowd.  😉

Karma will reach me at some point for giggling, but that was a well-needed giggle.  Karma, she is such a wench.  But one thing about her; she is consistent!  Unlike most other women!!!   I try to impart some of my wisdom to others and Karma is one I have a few clues on.

~~She is consistent.  She will send you what you put out to the World.  She will always find you.  She calls people on their shit.  She is a she for a reason!!~~

As you go about your day keep a few things in mind:

  1. The Phillie Phanatic is a Badass
  2. Karma is a Bitch
  3. Laughing at another’s expense although funny, probably not the best idea because of Karma.  Try to be a better human Jenn.
  4. Beware of flying WEINERS!

Remember until next time, you are not alone!  J


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